Gardening all alone!

While the boys were off at scout camp, I was here at the Llewellyn homestead holding down the fort. That means: feeding animals, weeding the gardens and cleaning this house up! While in the garden, I noticed the muskmelon vines are getting so large and flowering! I have not ever grown them before, so I am still wondering if they will have enough of season to grown here! I’ll have to keep you updated on that!

Beautiful muskmelon flowers!
Beautiful muskmelon flowers!

I am happy to see that some broccoli will be hitting my dinner plate here in the near future!


And after cleaning the chicken run of lots of nastiness and then cleaning the coop, I look towards the house and see this beautiful sight! It was a nice ending to a beautiful day! Now just to get my family all back home!

End to the day!
End to the day!

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