Wednesday Walk Around the Garden

It actually didn’t rain for a whole 24 hours! That’s pretty rare for this summer! Everything seems to be growing so well and the chickens and quail are laying so many eggs! Since the price of eggs right now are outrageous, we are excited to not have to buy them! It takes about 4 quail eggs to equal 1 chicken egg, but they taste just as good and raising them takes up a lot less space!

Quail eggs!
Quail eggs! Aren’t they beautiful?!?!

I was beyond excited to dig up my first potatoes! I planted them way back around St. Patrick’s day and a few died off early. So, I uprooted them to find these 6 potatoes! In around a month, I will be digging up the rest. It’s like unearthing treasure!

My first potatoes, ever!
My first potatoes, ever!

Since I had close to 40 mystery tomatoes show up in my garden this Spring, I’m thinking I will be swamped with tomatoes in about a month! (And no, I don’t think that’s a bad thing!) I’m looking forward to tomato sandwiches, homemade spaghetti sauce and yummy salsa!


I planted the 3 rows of green beans about 2 weeks apart. The first row is the oldest and I was excited to see that the beans are growing! They may only be about the size of a fingernail, but we will be harvesting them in about a month! Such excitement!

Tiny green beans
Tiny green beans

And finally the last beauty from the garden is the zucchini plant. There are 5 growing in the garden and I can’t wait until those flowers start blooming!

imageThere are lots of other plants growing in the garden! I also have some slow growing cucumber plants, pole green beans, green peppers and sweet potatoes. Here’s to more gardens instead of lawns!

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