Using up those potatoes

I recently had a couple of my potato plants die off earlier than the rest. It resulted in me getting some yummy potatoes earlier than expected!

My first potatoes, ever!
My first potatoes, ever!

I posted a picture of those beauties on Facebook and everyone kept asking if I ate them yet. Well, I finally did! I followed the pioneer woman’s recipe for making fries and they turned out perfectly! Our family of 3 were shocked at how much yummier that they taste compared to take out fries!

Delicious fries!
Delicious fries!

Basically in her recipe, you cut up the fries and rinse in cold water. Then, you let them soak in water until dinner time. You fry them once in oil and then fry them again. I know, not the best diet choice! But, moderation is key! We paired this meal up with some broccoli from the garden and locally raised beef burgers. Yummy! Now I’m off to work on clearing out some stuff from the closet! Doing our best to living a little more minimalisticly!

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