Minimal living Monday 7/6

Today I took a break from gardening, it was raining, and I spent some time getting rid of stuff. I feel like the less that I have to keep track of, the better. It’s not like I’m a fashion queen or anything, but I need work clothes (I’m a teacher), workout clothes, comfy clothes and crap clothes( because I get really dirty sometimes)!

So, I started with the closet. My side is the left side and I don’t think that I need to force my husband to go through his stuff. (But maybe seeing what I do will encourage him to clean up too!)

The best part is that all if this is no longer in my closet!!imageSo, here is the before:

Such chaos!
Such chaos!

After trying on lots of clothes and deciding if I really wanted the clothing in question, here is the after:

So much better!
So much better!

I continued to work on my drawers and clean out my workout clothes! Before, I was not so proud of the mess! But afterwards, it looks so neat!

It can shut!!
It can shut!!

Overall, it took about an hour and it makes me feel good to have a little less mess! I think next week I will be working on a toy box in a certain boy’s room!

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