Wednesday walk through the garden 7/8

This morning I took a walk through the garden and visited the hens. We are definitely getting to the harvesting part of the year!

The sunflowers around the chicken coop are getting ready to bloom! These are just the extra sunflowers that the girls kicked out of their coop. I’m guessing that they are black oil sunflowers!

Soon to bloom sunflower!
Soon to bloom sunflower!

The zucchini is finally growing! I will be harvesting my this yumminess by the end of the week!


The tomatoes may still be green, but they are growing by the day! I can’t wait until I get to make a yummy tomato sandwich. The boys can’t wait until they get yummy spaghetti sauce. 
The green beans are well on their way to being harvested too! I’m hoping to have some potatoes too, so that I can make some green beans and potatoes!
imageWith everything blooming and harvesting starting, I’m going to start keeping track of all of the food harvested! Gardening is amazing!!

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