Why chickens?!?!?!

Chickens?!?! You have chickens? Why? Don’t they stink? Do you have a rooster? Hens can lay eggs without a rooster? Yes, many questions are asked when people find out about these ladies!

2 of my pretty ladies!
2 of my pretty ladies!

So, I have had lots of people ask my why I keep chickens. There are so many reasons why I do! I kind of consider them like pets, but also they complete the cycle. What cycle you ask?? Part of the having an amazing garden cycle! Here it goes! I feed chickens their feed, but also lots of yummy stuff leftover from the garden. They also gets lots of treats, like leftover spaghetti or Mac and cheese that the boy just couldn’t finish.

Some of the yummy treats!
Some of the yummy treats!

What is so great about the ladies getting the leftovers is that it keeps it out of the trash and I haven’t heard a chicken complain yet! They also produce some amazing manure that when composted, it turns your soil into super soil! It’s a win-win for the Llewellyn homestead!

Also at the end of the day, I get about an egg a day from each lady! I consider that amazing! Especially considering how expensive eggs are right now!

imageOverall, chicken keeping is a lot of work! However, I don’t mind doing any of this work! And, once you have some eggs from chickens that don’t live in a cage, you won’t go back!

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