Wednesday walk through the garden 7/15

This morning I unearthed some yummy potatoes, that’s the good news! The bad news is that I found some larvae in the roots of my zucchini! Those things get me every year! Yuck!

But looking at the rest of the garden lifted my spirits for a bit! I mean, it’s hard to not smile when you see that many beautiful blooms on one plant!

Beautiful zucchini blooms!
Beautiful zucchini blooms!

Below is the first muskmelon that is finally growing! I’m not sure if it will have enough time to mature, but I’m hoping it does!!

Tiny muskmelon!
Tiny muskmelon!

When I was putting the potatoes in the ground back in March, my boy decided he would plant 1 sunflower seed in the corner of the garden. And when I say seed, it was one seed from the birdseed that we had. I’m still shocked that it actually grew! That boy has a green thumb!

The sunflower that the boy plant!
The sunflower that the boy plant!

I don’t see a lot of honey bees in my garden, so when I do, it’s an exciting event! Beekeeping is on my agenda for Spring of 2016. I can only hope that I can make that happen!!


And lastly is a view from the bottom of the garden. It’s not perfect, but I love it! So far I have only found one rabbit in it! But I have a momma deer with 2 babies that have been hanging out around it. It’s all part of living next to their habitat!

The garden backs right to the woods.
The garden backs right to the woods.

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