Vacation time!!

We have been blessed with being on vacation on the beautiful island of Ocracoke, located off the shore of North Carolina. It’s beautiful there, but takes a while to get there! We even have to take a ferry to get on the island! Here we are leaving the main island heading to Ocracoke! 

imageWe camped for the first night and then stayed in a house for the rest of the week. While we were unloading the truck, I heard a strange-familiar sound! It couldn’t be!?!? But it was! The neighbors had backyard chickens! It was like home away from home! And they had a pretty sweet coop!


While walking around the island, I was shocked at how much the locals grow! I saw lots of cucumber vines, zucchini plants and many grape arbors! And sunflowers were everywhere!


It was a beautiful week with my amazing family! Only on this sweet island can you check out thrift shops, visit the local library where they let you take books without a library card and walk everywhere! (And of course swim in the ocean!) It’s true… time flies when you’re having fun! Now to wait and see how my garden looks when I get home!

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