Sweet potato

This year we decided to plant a new crop, sweet potatoes! We love them around here! And since we have a dog with a million allergies, we can turn them into sweet potato treats for him! We started by planting them in late May. They looked so sad and tiny then!

Sweet potato vines
Sweet potato vines

Once the weather started warming up, they really started to take off! They started to vine all over the place! I quickly knew that they were going to overtake their space!

Growing and growing!
Growing and growing!

When I returned from vacation, I could tell that they had really enjoyed the hot weather! Now they are everywhere!

Looking amazing!

I really hope that we will get some sweet potatoes before Fall arrives!!

2 Comments on “Sweet potato

  1. Beautiful, enjoy your harvest when it’s time… take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


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