Sad, sad food waste!

Alright, I know, everyone has wasted food! I get that! What I don’t get is how much people throw out! I really don’t get people that grow food that they have no plans on eating or giving away. They just throw it out! My neighbor, who is a wonderful neighbor, throws all of his extra garden goodies into the woods right by our property line. Here’s what I found lately:

All this! Thrown out!

So, I did what anyone would do! I kept them. Not for myself, but for my chickens. And they loved every bite of them!

To cut food costs and waste here at the Llewellyn homestead, we only grow food we love and preserve what we can! If we don’t end up eating it or something gets a little too ripe, we give it to the chickens! (And yes, I always make sure that what I’m giving them is safe first!)

A couple of our ladies!
A couple of our ladies!

Anything that is just too gross or not ok for chickens goes into the compost pile. This pile can get so hot that I have seen it smoking before! This is added to the garden at the end of the season to make the soil even better!

Our compost pile!

How do you reduce the amount of food that you put in the trash?

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