Wednesday walk through the garden 8/12

As the summer is flying by, the gardening is still going strong! My cucumbers were very slow going this year! I had already made pickles in July last year! But, at least I’m finally getting some cucumbers!

Finally! Some cucumbers!
Finally! Some cucumbers!

I have seen so many wonderful garden or gathering aprons online, and being the poor teacher that I am in the summer I couldn’t swing $30 for something I didn’t “need.”  So, I used a gift card for JoAnn’s and bought $5 in fabric and made myself one! It’s perfect for picking green beans, gathering eggs and holding clothespins!

My garden apron!

I’ve been lucky enough to harvest around 30 pounds of tomatoes so far this year! This is a beautiful brandywine tomato

Brandywine tomato!

Here is a picture of the biggest jerk that has made my green bean plants their home. It’s a bean beetle of some sort and it is down right evil! I have been picking them off daily, but they are driving me nuts!

Bean beetle (aka horrible infestation!)

I have a couple pumpkins that are already turning orange! I almost wish it could stay this green/orange combo forever!

Orange pumpkin!

Is anybody else harvesting some yummy stuff? Are you busy canning, or giving lots away?

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