Crazy yesterday!

This is my last week off before returning back to work. (Yes, I’m a teacher!) And, I’ve had a great summer! Yesterday though was one interesting day! I started off by looking at my massive amount of tomatoes and deciding that I need to make some pasta sauce!

Delicious spaghetti sauce!
Delicious spaghetti sauce!

And I even canned this yummy stuff! I’ll be thanking myself this winter when everything is white and I miss the taste of summer!

Before a nice visit with my Granny, I checked on my chickens and they were being so loud! Squawking and running and then I figured out why! I came within a few feet of a red tailed hawk! That bird was huge and I could see a free chicken dinner in his/her eyes! (But I must admit that it is a beautiful bird!)

Red tail hawk!
Red tail hawk!
The hawk resting in a tree!

After the Mr made his way home from work, we made our way up to Garrett County for a “fun day!” It’s funny that we live only minutes away, but rarely go there! And, it has some of the most beautiful sites that are on this Earth!

Fields of sunflowers!

After the quick drive, we visited the discovery center and learned about our local ecosystems and visited the aviary where we saw a bald eagle and golden eagle. (Both we beautiful!) and made our donation to the center and received some milkweed seeds in return! (There will be a butterfly/bee garden in the 2016 growing season!)


Afterwards, we actually ate out (@ uno’s) and visited an arcade. The boy claims that it was the best day ever!

We made our way home and I gardened and took one pup on a walk. It was a good day!

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