Weekend work!

I’m sure back in the day, they had more time to preserve their food. But, today where we both work full time, it takes weekends and evenings to get that work finished. The weird thing is that I find this kind of work so rewarding and it seems a lot less like work. And, I also know that I will be thanking myself when I don’t have to buy some of my produce from the market! I can just open the cabinets! We have canned and canned the past couple weekends!

Lots of spaghetti sauce!
Lots of spaghetti sauce!

We snapped pound after pound of beans! I can honestly say that I am tired of bean snapping!


Not even half of how many we snapped!

We did end up with 14 pints of green beans and they were all grow in our garden. We also had lots leftover so we froze them to put in our doggie food. Our Sherman dog is allergic to something in all dog food, so we make him his own food.

Just can't tell this pup no. :)
Just can’t tell this pup no. đŸ™‚

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