Minimalist Monday (Labor Day edition!)

It’s been a while since I posted anything on my minimalism journey! I basically try to purposefully live with less. I think that prior to the past couple of years, I had become a big old consumer!

One thing that I have majorly tried to cut out are disposables. There was a day when I thought that when we ran out of paper towels that I needed to run to the market to buy more. That day is over! I make my own from leftover fabric and serge the edges.

Hanging to dry on this beautiful day!
Hanging to dry on this beautiful day!

We usually just throw them in with whatever we are washing! And the funny part is that we only have a retractable clothesline! Works great for us! We have certain napkins for lunches, others for everyday use and some for cleaning the countertops. Then, after washing and drying the towels, I just shove them in the towel house!

Towel house!
Towel house!

I really like this set up because they don’t require much effort. I just shove them in the top of the towel house and when we need them, we pull them out of the bottom.

We also have cut back on cleaning supplies. We make our own cleaner and I have sewn up some wet jet refills!

Wet jet refills
Wet jet refills

They just stick onto the bottom of the wet jet and I wash and dry regularly. I think that they work even better! And the best part is that they last for years! See! Living with less can actually be fun! (At least to me!)

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