Homestead kinda weekend

My weekend kinda started off rough with a pretty bad case of poison ivy rash.  But, after getting some meds and rest, I’m feeling a lot better!

I was able to get a lot accomplished this weekend. I’ve been working on cleaning out the garden and working on apples. I made some yummy crockpot apple butter. I found an easy recipe here:

Apple butter!
Apple butter!

The recipe used 3 lbs of apples after cut up and yielded 1quart and a smaller container of Apple butter. I don’t eat the stuff, but the mister loves it and said it tastes good! I’ll take his word on this!

I was really excited to actually get another zucchini! By now we usually have lost all of our plants to bugs!

A September zucchini!
A September zucchini!

I was given some bee boxes, but since I don’t know too much about them, I’m not going to risk using them. I had the mister upcycle one into a rolling box. I’m going to take a few to a craft show in a few weeks. I’m hoping to make a few bucks to go towards beekeeping supplies!


Homemade gift!!
Homemade gift!!

I also made a towel for one of the boy’s scout friends. I love making homemade gifts! I feel like it’s one less chuck of plastic being bought! (And I love crafting!!)

Well, here’s to a great week! So busy and yet I’m ready to tackle it! 🙂

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