Applesauce canning!!!

Early Saturday morning I decided that I needed to get to work on canning those apples! I picked a ton of these beauties at my Granny’s!

These are delicious!
These are delicious!

I have already made crockpot applesauce, Apple butter and even apple pie bars!

To make some applesauce, start with nice clean apples! These were totally grown without any chemicals, so they don’t need scrubbed down like the market variety. Then, cut up into pieces. (I don’t peel mine because I have an attachment for my kitchen aid that removes the peels! Saves so much time! ) Add some water and let it all cook down until it’s smooshy.

Cut up into chunks!
Cut up into chunks!

I then put it all through the food mill and it comes out perfectly! You can add sugar and cinnamon to taste, but I just do that when I open them!


I process them for 20 minutes and they come out delicious!!

Canned and sealed!
Canned and sealed!

I also went ahead and made some apple pie filling! I made a little too much, so I used the rest to make some apple crisp! Yum again!!

Apple pie filling! Yum!

And I also found time to crochet some ear warmers to hopefully sell at the next craft show! I’m starting to save up some funds for my Spring bees!

Crocheted ear warmers!
Crocheted ear warmers!

I hope that you had a productive weekend as well! And, hopefully you stated dry too!!

2 Comments on “Applesauce canning!!!

  1. Wow you are a real all rounder.. From gardening to cooking to crocheting.. 👍👍👍soo very productive.. This time in spite off all things Appley, I love the look of the ear warmers.. 😍Looks very cosy and beautifully made with button and all.. 👌😊


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