How much is my garden worth?

It’s almost impossible to put a price on gardening. Since I teach, I consider gardening my summer job. I’m definitely not a professional, but I enjoy it!

Our garden!
Our garden!

This weekend when I went to Walmart, I wrote down the prices of the different produce that I grew. I used some of those prices, but made the prices of some items cheaper. For example, corn is 4 for $1 in peak season. As well as zucchini are only $1 a piece and strawberries are $1.98 per container during peak season. (All prices from my region!)

So, I kind of ripped myself off because my food is free of pesticides and all other chemicals. I’m sure that the produce at the store can’t make that guarantee!

Anyway, back to the price of my garden……….


In case you can’t read my horrible writing, that’s a very rough estimate of $1,031.58! I think that’s a pretty good haul! And this includes produce that I gave away as well as food for the hens! And, after totaling in the price of produce and eggs, the total comes to……


You read that correctly! $1,151.70. I think that’s pretty good! And really, for vegetarian fed chickens, the eggs are worth more  (probably!)

**Remember, all of this is based on prices from my area during this time of year. Prices fluctuate and vary by region! And, I just did this for my own fun!

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