Weekend work!

We have been still working of fall cleanup around here. That consists of begging leaves off of friends, family and neighbors to use as compost and in the chicken run. (The chickens turn those leaves into amazing compost in days!)

I also started filling up the raised beds with compost and I’m sure it will break down a lot during the winter and will need more in the spring!

Lots of compost!
Lots of compost!

I still need to clean up this bed full of strawberries, but one project at a time!


This is what I have been working on for several weekends! I’m working on turning a part of the yard that is nearly impossible to cut with the lawnmower into another garden. It’s also going to be where the bees will be kept as well as the new grape arbor. You can probably tell that I have some big plans for 2016!! Hope the mister will be ready to work in the new year! 😉

New garden area for 2016! (And bee yard!)
New garden area for 2016! (And bee yard!)

I also finally got around to pulling up that pumpkin vine that grew almost across my entire yard! It was kinda amazing! (And we got 4 pumpkins from it!) I cut the grass while I was at it. Hopefully for the last time this year.

No more pumpkin vine
No more pumpkin vine

After all of that work, I was ready to sit down and relax with this fellow. He is just such a cuddler!

Some Sherman cuddling
Some Sherman cuddling

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