Slower kinda life

It’s been slow around the homestead. It’s really cooling off and not having a garden anymore bums me out! I have some new spider plants that my mom gave me taking up my time. Now I just need a nice pot to put them in! And they are supposed to help clean the air.


I also must say that I have some awesome friends that like to share their pumpkins! My hens thought that it was amazing!

Left right beside my car!
Left right beside my car!
The ladies love it!
The ladies love it!

Since we are no longer gardening, I am spending some time crocheting. I made some boot cuffs for a friend and they turned out pretty well. I may just put them in my etsy shop!

Crocheted boot cuffs!
Crocheted boot cuffs!

Since gardening has stopped, I’m going to start posting more crafting and sustainable living posts. I’m also thinking about what some of my New Year goals are going to be! Anybody thinking about their goals? Mine have a lot to do with gardening and sustainability!

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