What is a homestead?

Here lately I have been thinking a lot to myself about what I’m looking for in the future and if we really need to move to a place with more land. Here at our place we have less than an acre, but a nice house and a garage that keeps the husband happy. So, I thought about what we are doing here that is working!

1.We are doing a pretty good job of cutting out our single use products and using cloth everything!

Wet jet refills

2. We raise our hens to give us nice yummy eggs and to help turn the compost win-win

Playing in the leaves!

3. We also did a really good job of preserving the food that we did grow this year!

Canned and sealed!

4. We have a nice sized garden and even have plans of expanding it next year.

Less weeds!!

5. We have also been working on making lots of cleaning products ourselves! We make everything from soap to general cleaner.


So, we actually have a nice homestead here even though we don’t have lots of land. I don’t think that we would be better off if we did have more acreage. Just some food for thought as if now!




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