Working weekend

I won’t include pictures of myself cleaning, but the first thing I was able to get accomplished was a clean house this weekend. I have this thing about having to start the week with a clean house. I know, weird.

I was also able to let the hens free range for a while and I cleaned up the coop. Lots of cleaning!

Hens enjoying some free ranging

I also spent a little time this weekend putting my new to me spider plants into some nice new pots! These plants are supposed to clean the air, so I’ll take them! Hopefully they start growing soon!

Their beautiful new pots!

Lastly, I was able to work on crocheting a bit. I am making some boot cuff orders for the holidays as well as some hooded towel orders. Making a little extra cash for the holidays is always a good thing!

Crocheted boot cuffs

I keep reminding myself that I only have to work 2 and a half days this week due to Thanksgiving! Sometimes it’s good to be a teacher!


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