Thanksgiving break!

We had the warmest Thanksgiving break here that I can remember! It allowed me to get so much outside stuff all finished and let the boy ride his bike, a lot!

It started off pretty amazing when our ladies gave us so many eggs in one day! They have been slacking here lately, so they like this nice weather, or something!!

5 eggs?!?

And, the ladies got to free range without snow! They’re having a great November!

Free ranging in November!

I was also able to finally thin out all the strawberry plants for the spring. They look so much better!!

Nice and things out!

I also spent the break working on some crocheting! I made some cotton dishcloths to give out as gifts and some sweet boot cuffs! These will be gifted this year! And, I have many orders to fill!

Crochet dishcloths
Boot cuffs!

My husband made me this sweet chalkboard to use as decor throughout the year. It’s nice because I can change it out throughout the season. Talk about reusable!!

Reusable decor!

I hope that everyone had a great break, and now to get back to crocheting! 🙂



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