Christmas decor and mealworms!?!

Yes, you read that title correctly! I worked on decorating the house this weekend, but only a minimal amount. I just don’t see the point in spending so much effort putting up decorations to only rip them down in a month. So, I put up our tree with only ornaments that have special meanings to us, put the handmade stockings on the fireplace and changed out the chalkboard sign.

Chalkboards are so easy!!
Handmade stockings made by my momma!
Worst tree picture ever!

It was so nice having a totally non-stressful decorating session!

Then, I found an amazing sale on mealworms at Uncle jims worm farm and had to get some to start raising for the hens. I guess they were like an early gift! They were sent out yesterday and arrived today!

Bag o’ mealworms!
I even think they’re kinda creepy!

I am sure that the hens will fight over these!

As for keeping from being bored, I’ve been able to stay crazy busy! I’m making lots of crocheted items as Christmas presents. I am also busy coaching rec league pee wee basketball. Although I really like playing sports, my love is for gardening and homesteading!



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