Warm December Weekend!

It has been beautiful this weekend! (Like 70 degrees!!) I know some of my friends are mad about no snow, but I am loving this weekend!

I was able to get so much accomplished this weekend! The chickens got their coop and run cleaned and I’m sure they are happy about that! While I was cleaning the coop, the girls were able to search out bugs and who knows what else!

Scratching for goodies

When I finished cleaning the coop, the girls wanted to continue free ranging. So, I worked on crocheting some boot cuffs while they did their thing! Some of the girls were a little too interested in what I was doing!

What cha up to?!?!

I went and checked on my strawberry plants and found that my garlic bulbs have been confused by this pretty weather and put up shoots. I hope they will be able to make it through the winter!!

Garlic shoots

Back in the house, I made some yummy vegetable soup from some of my canned veggies and leftover roast. So, of course I needed to make some homemade bread! It turned out delicious!

Homemade bread

I also spent some of this weekend working on hooded towels for others. They are so nice to have with little ones!


Hooded towel!Β 

And now I think I’m going to relax for just a little bit so that I will be able to be productive this week!

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