Sweet potato dog treats

Remember all of those delicious sweet potatoes that I harvested back in October?!

Sweet potatoes!

Well, I put some of them (about 4 medium ones) to good use! My poor Sherman dog has so many allergies that we have to make all of his food. So, of course we have to make his treats too!

I started by cutting the ends off of the potatoes. (Don’t worry, they will become worm food!)

Cut off ends

Then, I used my mandoline to slice the potato into about 1/4 inch slices. It was the largest cut on my slicer.

Cut into strips

Next, I baked these slices on parchment paper for about 2 hours at 275 degrees. I just kept checking on them every 30 minutes to make sure that they didn’t burn! (You could also use a dehydrator! But ours is loud and I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome.)

Make sure that you store these in a nicely sealed container in the fridge! You don’t want mold growing! (Even though I’m pretty sure that our pups could easily eat these all in one day, if we allowed them!)

Crispy and delicious

So, did the dogs like them?!? Look at that picture and I’m sure you’ll get your answer!

Nom nom nom

I love these because I know that the store bought ones are pricy! And, I know that these are totally free of chemicals and other nasties!


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