Homemade Christmas!

This year we really tried to cut back and not buy a lot of junk for Christmas! The boy mainly received camping items and a few toys that he’s been wanting for a while. I feel like when you have kids, you have to make some sacrifices with living sustainably. But, he’s only young once!

As for the gifts that we gave, we made a lot of them!

We gave out a few crocheted ear warmers!

Ear warmers

The mister made these for our mommas. (My dad actually made the tops for them! He’s a pretty amazing at woodworking!) It started out with just making one, but my mom kept saying how nice that it was going to be. So, we had to make her one too!


I’ve made a lot of boot cuffs over the holiday too! I’m sure many people received them! (And I hope that they loved them!)

Boot cuffs

I found a ridiculously easy recipe for some chocolate covered popcorn in Christmas colors. This was an add on to some people’s gifts. Just a little extra yumminess!

Christmas popcorn

I made a hooded towel for my itty bitty niece. She received every toy that a baby could want, so I went the practical route!

Hooded towel

I made a few crocheted dish cloths/washcloths to add on to gifts too!

Crochet dishcloths

Christmas was great! Now I just need to continue working on what I’m planning for the new year! Of course it has lots to do with homesteading and preserving our food!

Is anybody else thinking about what they want to accomplish in 2016?!?!

3 Comments on “Homemade Christmas!

  1. Wow everything is soo amazing.. the ear warmers and the pop corns are the best..its soo good to receive hands made goodies ..m sure all who received them will b eecstatic….keep it up.👍

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