A typical cold week!

I guess winter has caught up with us! I have actually seen some snow and have been dealing with frozen chicken waterers. Yuck!! And, a few of my poor girls are molting really hard right now! 😦



Her sorry feathers!

And, I got the pleasure of cleaning out the coop on a day around 8 degrees outside! So cold!! But the girls didn’t mind running around pecking at the snow!

The nice clean nest boxes!

I have also been working on my etsy shop and listing some of my items! (One of my many goals for the new year!) I have made some new headbands that look like a bandana, but so comfy! I plan on wearing mine while cleaning the house! Super cute! And I gifted one to my sister in law for her birthday and it looked really cute on her!

Bandana headband

We also took the boy to the flea market this weekend and I found some of these cute ball jars!

Only $1!!

And now I need to think about what I will store in this beauty!

This morning I was working on dividing out the mealworms and I found my first beetle!

Mealworm beetle!!

So, that means that these little beasts will lay lots of eggs that will turn into mealworms that my chickens are addicted to! But, I’ll have to do a whole post on mealworms!

Try to keep warm!!


4 Comments on “A typical cold week!

  1. They also stop laying eggs and focus on growing feathers. And when people see them like that they assume that they are sick. Then, I just have to educate people about what’s going on. 🙂


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