Seriously, a blizzard?!?!

If you’re here on the east coast, you are probably having some struggles too! We are stuck with almost 30 inches of snow. I have not shoveled so much snow in all my life!


I’m proud to say that I shoveled the long path to the chicken coop all by myself! The mister was busy clearing all of the snow from the driveway.

There’s a coop in there somewhere!

I only had a few of the girls be brave enough to get in the snow and eat a treat!

The brave ladies! 

Some of the hens haven’t really been bothered by the snow! I’m still getting eggs and they have enjoyed pecking at the snow that made its way into their run!

Snowy eggs!

And while we have been burning lots of calories and not leaving the house, I made some yummy orange chicken using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe. It’s amazing and not that complicated!! And seriously better than the restaurant stuff!

Orange chicken! 

Although we have been out in the snow most of the weekend, we have enjoyed being snowed in together! I need to work on a crocheted cowl that I’m trying to figure out and I have some cinnamon bread on its second rise! Until next time!!

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