Winter sowing!

How do I get out of my grumpiness when it’s below zero outside? I start working on my garden! (Kinda!) It’s called winter sowing and it’s like building little greenhouses and letting nature tell your plants when to sprout!

So, here are the steps!

First gather your supplies! Get some good seed starting soil, milk jugs (or clear soda bottles), scissors, tape and something sharp to poke holes.(I used a kitchen knife)

Next, poke many holes in the bottom! It’s better to have a few extra so that everything drains well!

Poke holes!

Then, cut around the middle of the container to allow you to add soil and seeds. It’s also how you open it up in the spring!

Get it ready for soil and seeds!

After that, add in your soil and seeds! I also added in some worm castings to feed those little sprouts!

Add in soil and seeds!

Last, water the plants pretty well and then tape around the part that you cut! Oh, and label well because it’s so hard to tell what is what when they’re little sprouts!

All ready to be put on the cold deck

And, they stay out in the cold with NO LID and NO CARE until spring. When spring rolls around and they start sprouting, they can be opened during the day and closed at night!

Last year I did this with broccoli and lettuce and it worked out great! We got lots of yummy lettuce and broccoli that came up perfectly. However, tender seeds don’t work out very well.

I plan on making some more when I get ahold of more containers. I’m going to grow some milkweed, herbs and try some other flowers!

Hope everyone is enjoying their nice, cold Valentine’s weekend!

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