Taste of spring weekend

It was a nice, but quick weekend! Yesterday the temperature made it up into the 60’s! I can live with that!! I’m doing my best not to break out the grow lights yet and start seedlings! But I can’t make any promises about next month!

With the warmth, I was able to give the coop a deeper clean! However, one poor girl just really wanted to lay an egg and I was bothering her!

She just wanted to lay an egg! 

I also was able to work on a lot of sewing! I made a couple gathering/garden aprons. I made myself one last year and I used it every time I went in the garden or collected eggs!  I’m wondering if I’ll use it when working with the bees this year?!?!

Garden apron

I also had a rough time with khaki pants this week! My work pants were getting old and I found holes starting to develop. Since I’m not buying new clothes, I checked the goodwill. And, I found a new to me pair for $4!! Definitely a win!

Goodwill win!

I figured that I’d make something super yummy for Sunday breakfast! So, I made the donut dough following the Pioneer Woman’s recipe on Saturday night. Then I woke up earlier than the boys on Sunday morning to cut out the donuts and let them rise! Finally, I fried them up and made some glaze. They turned out very yummy!!

Everything is better with sprinkles! 

This week is looking like a crazy one with lots of running around! Have a great one!!

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