Beautiful March week

It’s at that point of winter where I’m over the winter and I’m looking forward to the time change this weekend and the longer days!

There have been lots of signs that spring is getting so close! My crocuses are starting to come up through the soil and will be blooming becore too long!

Crocus flower peeking through!

Weirdly enough, I have been the one avoiding the feed store due to the baby chicks. Well, the mister woke up Sunday morning and declared that we needed to get a few more girls to add to the flock.  Needless to say, who am I to say no?!?! So, here are a couple of our new little ladies!

Baby chicks!

We have also been keeping busy around here too! I have been crafting a lot because of a couple upcoming craft shows!

I made this pretty garden apron using an old pillowcase that was in my Granny’s fabric stash. I would say that it’s probably from the 70’s, but who knows!

Upcycled Gardening apron

And, my mister painted these tires to become the new dust bath for the chickens.   We are planning on upgrading their run at some point this summer!

Pretty dust bath

I keep reminding myself that by next month, I’m going to be much busier and to enjoy the last touch of winter. However, I’m ready to fast forward to spring!!

3 Comments on “Beautiful March week

  1. I too am so ready for spring to be sprung. Here in Missouri our Easter Lillies have came up and bloomed, I can see bits of green grass poking through, and the longer daylight hours are letting me get my much needed chores done.

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