Productive weekend!

We are making the best of this weird kinda spring/ kinda winter weather. On one of the pretty days, I gave our Izzy a nice spring haircut. It only takes me about 15 minutes and I save about $30 every time that I do it!

Such a pretty pup!

I also made a couple bucks at a local craft show selling my craftiness! (And I’m using up a bunch of fabric that has been sitting around!)

Craft showing it!

Then Sunday morning my boy was telling me about eating pita bread on a video game, so I made him some so that he could eat it in real life. It was really easy to make and puffed up beautifully!

Pita bread! 

We made turkey pita sandwiches and used the leftovers for pita pizzas! Pretty good, and nothing went to waste!

Turkey pita and homemade pickles

And, while gathering eggs Sunday evening, I came across this super mega sized egg! I feel sorry for the hen that laid that huge egg!!

The MEGA egg!!

All in all, we are stil keeping ourselves busy and remembering that when spring comes we will be wishing for less work.

I’ve also given up Facebook for a while because it’s just too much negativity. And today was a more productive day because of it! Until next time!!

3 Comments on “Productive weekend!

  1. My my you did have a busy weekend. It’s amazing what can be done in what seems like only a short period of time.


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