Another busy weekend!

I’m so excited to say that there is only one half day of school left this week!! Whoo hoo! Last weekend was a crazy one! Lots of weird weather and business!

It started out with some weird weather that resulted in some snow in the mountains. Luckily for us, we did not!

Snow in the mountains!

Because of the weird weather, the craft show that we went to was a little slow. I did make a good many sales though! Even a few garden aprons!

My new headband rack! 

Then, the boy and I spent the evening dying some Easter eggs! One cracked while boiling, so he colored 11! Here is proof that brown eggs can be colored too!

Before and after

Now, it’s back up in the 70’s and I found my raspberry canes are springing back to life! That made me so excited!!

Raspberry canes coming back! 

And on my newest journey of becoming a lesser waste person, I wanted to somehow eliminate those wrappers from my morning Belvitas. I love them with coffee in the morning! So Voila….

Homemade Belvitas!!

They turned out amazing!! Here is where I got the delicious recipe from:

Weekends are so productive! I can’t wait to post my March updates soon!!

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