Homemade Food digester

This weekend has flown by way too fast! We spent yesterday running from one place to another. But, we found time to make a food digester! Update here: https://littlellewellynhomestead.wordpress.com

It all started out with me trying to figure out what to do with bones, skin and dairy products that end up in our garbage can and shouldn’t be put into a regular compost bin. I got online and found this really nice cone setup that you bury.

Cone digester
The only real problem with this setup was the cost! We have been putting a lot of money into the beeyard and gardening, so we need to save a few bucks! I had this 5 gallon bucket sitting around, so I got the mister to drill some holes around the bottom while I was digging a hole to put most of the bucket into.

Lots of holes
I put about an inch of small gravel in the hole and then the bucket into the hole. I filled around the bucket with the small gravel as well to help with drainage.

Add some gravel around the bucket
And top off the bucket with a lid and that’s about it! I have already put some meat and old yogurt in there and covered that with a little sawdust. (To help with composting!)

Finished product
I have only been using it for a couple days, but I will update to let you all know how it’s working in a few months! I saw where some people bury a whole garbage can! With all the rocks in our ground, I’d be digging a hole for months!

And, I can’t wait to tell you all about how well we are doing with all of our goals! That will come this weekend!!




5 Comments on “Homemade Food digester

    • So far it’s going great! I really don’t throw out much meat scraps or dairy. Most items are for the chickens, the worms or compost bin. I’m hoping to not have to dig a hole large enough for a garbage can! We have so many large rocks!


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