March goals recap Llewellyn homestead

Where in the world did March go?!?! We have been working loads around here to get things accomplished!

So, here are the goal summary for March!

1.Begin beekeeping! The boxes are painted and we are working on electrifying the area for the bees! That will be finished next in April! 

Our future beeyard

2.Make a pollinator garden.
You know, to attract those bees and butterflies! All that winter sowing is starting to come up! And the crocuses are coming up beautifully! Next up will be weeding the rest of the area that will be all flowers! 

Beautiful crocuses! 

3.Vacation somewhere different! (Now that the boy is getting older, we want to see more of this country!) Still no idea for summer vacation, but we biked the canal near home and had a great time! 

Beautiful biking adventure! 

4.No new fashion for me for 2016! I know most females would freak out over this one! And no purchases were made! But I will need a new bathing suit this summer, so I will have to figure that out! 

5.Reduce garbage! (Did you know the average American produces 4.4 lbs of garbage per day?!?!) 3 bags again this month! I’m going to challenge my family of 3 to only have 1 bag this month! With the new digester that we made, I think we can! 

Our DIY food digester! 

6.Complete the 2016 in 2016 challenge. That means getting rid of 2016 things in our home this year! We can do it!! And we are! We are over 530 items and are already making our way towards our April amount! 

537 things that we don’t need!

7.Finish our kitchen remodel.We can’t find a flooring that we like, at all. So, maybe painting and window treatments next month! 

8.Build an arbor and plant some grapes. (I’ve wanted to do this for years!) I’m really hoping for this, but with so many other projects I’m not feeling confident about it! But at least my raspberry canes are coming up! 

Raspberry canes! 

9.Expand the garden! Right now we have sweet potato slips, luffa plants and asparagus already up! And we have cantaloupe, tomatoes and peppers under the grow light! The mister made me more raised beds too!!

More raised beds!!

10. Preserve more food for next year! Nothing to preserve yet, but I have lots of little seedlings making their debut!

Baby asparagus! 

11. Organize the least organized area of the house! The garage looks a little better every day! I sold off the 4 bar stools that had been down there too long and took a load to the goodwill! Saving some things for a yard sale this summer! 

12. Treat my crafting more like a business instead of a hobby. I did 2 craft shows with my mom in March and had many online orders! 

$ made was used for gardening $!!

13. Work on budgeting and paying down this house! Now this is an area I’m super proud of!     We are still working crazy hard at making about a double payment on our mortgage and watching our expenses! 

So, how are your goals going?!?! March flew by and I’m still feeling super motivated!!

April doesn’t even see us coming! 🙂

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