Gradual kinda spring

It’s been a gradual release of spring around here. Like one day spring, the next day snow. But, I know that we are so close to my favorite season, summer!!

I have been spending the colder days indoors crafting away. I upcycled many juice pouches into wallets. I like to use these as money/gift card holders when going to birthday parties. And they will be for sale in my etsy store so soon!

Giving trash a second life

I also finished up my last towel order that was needing finished! These are one of my favorite creations! (And I’ve been making them for about 10 years!)

Embroidered name towel

And my tomatoes under the grow light are finally popping up! We decided to grow mostly Roma because I’m the only one here that eats slicing tomatoes.(crazy, right?!?!)

Right around 60 tomato plants

And I’m super excited that both of the apple trees survived their first winter!

Nice and green!

And although nobody else gets as excited about garbage like I do here. This is week one of April’s garbage. I think that we have a good chance of one bag for the whole month!

Week one’s garbage

And I have to share this with you all! On Facebook there was some contest to get free grow able pods and I actually got them! 30 watermelon pods! I would never have enough room for all of them, so my students are going to be getting one next month! Lucky kids!

Totally free! 

I hope that you are getting ready for some nice weather soon! Are you getting your seeds ready? Even if you only plant a few plants, that’s still amazing! 🙂

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