Raised bed tutorial

Last weekend, snow. This weekend, 80 degree weather. Really. But since it was so nice, we were able to set up our newest raised beds.

The mister made these frames out if cedar boards to help with rot. We avoid using treated lumber, so that chemicals don’t leech into our foods. That’s highly advised!

Raised bed frames



After we positioned the empty boxes in the places that we wanted. Then I used newspaper on the grass to keep it from growing up through the soil.

Newspaper over the weeds


You don’t need to put down some sticks or logs, but I’m trying out this method to reduce the amount of soil that I need to fill the box with.

Put down some sticks


Last, I filled the boxes with the soil/compost mixture.

Beautiful raised bed! 

They were a lot of work! Between loading and unloading soil, as well as carrying the raised boxes around looking for the best place, our whole bodies are so tired! I am really looking forward to building the tell us that goes between them and planting lots of yumminess! I’ll update throughout the summer on how things grow in these boxes!

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