What a weekend find!

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend!

The pups and I enjoyed some deck sitting

We had beautiful weather, so I figured that we could actually sit down and enjoy the beautiful weather for a bit. But, then I realized that I had a lot to be done!

I started by letting the bunny run around the yard. Then, I repotted some of the luffa plants that were outgrowing their small pots. Hopefully they take off when they finally get put outside!

Luffa plants

And I finally have some real growth in the garden! The potato plants are really taking off!

Grow roots grow! 

We also have some small pea plants, Apple blossoms and garlic!

Then came a major surprise today! While working on the area for pollinator garden, I found these spears growing:

Could it be?!?! Asparagus?!?

I knew for sure that I didn’t plant any there! But, it couldn’t be anything else except for asparagus. Then I go to thinking about the huge ferns that I have to end up weed whacking there every year. Duh, these have been growing there for years!!

So, I am pretty stoked that we got some free yummy asparagus here! Score one for the homestead!

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