Beeswax wraps diy

Not much going on with gardening, so I thought I would post my first DIY on how to make your own beeswax wraps! They are an excellent replacement of plastic wrap! So, be kind, it’s my first DIY! 

Materials needed:   Cotton fabric, pinking shears, beeswax pellets, paintbrush, baking sheet with parchment paper. (You don’t want to ruin your baking sheet!)

Step 1: cut your fabric into squares. The sandwich size is 12 inches squared and the tiny one is 6 inches squared. Make sure you use the pinking shears to keep the edges from fraying!

Step 2: cover the fabric with beeswax pellets (or shread it if you are using a bar of wax) Use plenty to make sure that you get the edges. Use more than in the picture! (Like twice as much!)

Step 3: put in preheated oven (200 deg Fahrenheit) for 5 minutes. 

Step 4: pull out of oven and use small paintbrush to push wax around to give full coverage. If you missed any spots (like I did) just put some more wax on and put back in the oven for 3-4 more minutes! 

Step 5: hang to dry. I just used a hanger on my cabinets. Nothing dripped and they were dry in minutes! 

Now you can use it to cover cheeses, ends of fruit, or just about any bowl! (Just don’t use it on meats!) and just rinse off with cool water when finished using it! When the wax starts to wear off, you can add more wax, use it as fire starters or put it in the compost! 

Hope you all enjoy making some! If not, I will be putting some in my etsy store! 😀

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