May update 2016!!

School’s out for summer!! So, that means lots of gardening in my future and finding things to keep the boy busy! 

So, here is the goal summary for May:

1.Begin beekeeping: The bees arrived on Mother’s Day and I have been taking good care of those ladies! 

2.Make a pollinator garden: It’s looking good! Weedy, yes, but lots of echinacea, poppies, black eyed susans and a few Sunflowers. More weeding and pictures coming up next month! 
3.Vacation somewhere different: (Now that the boy is getting older, we want to see more of this country!) Hershey park was the rainiest day, but the boy loved learning about the history of it! Such a history minded kid! 

4. No new fashion in 2016: I know most females would freak out over this one! So, I bought a new pair of sneakers, because I really needed a pair! They were only used once and I happily paid 1/4 of the price for them! (And since I have monster sized feet, that made the deal even better!)

5.Reduce garbage: (Did you know the average American produces 4.4 lbs of garbage per day?!?!) Remember how we only had one bag of trash last month? Well we were able to do it again!! Whoo hoo! 

6.Complete the 2016 in 2016 challenge: That means getting rid of 2016 things in our home this year! 860 things outta this house! We are still on track! 

7.Finish our kitchen remodel:  I purchased new saddle stools for the bar, but they haven’t come in yet! And took a good look at the ugly border I need to take down. Ugh! 

8.Build an arbor and plant some grapes (I’ve wanted to do this for years!) So, I planted the grapes and the mister is going to get the arbor in sooner than later! I do give him too many jobs! 

9.Expand the garden: We have been planting, tilling and watering so much! We have planted: green beans, corn, sunflowers, zucchini, pumpkins, onions, peas, strawberries, broccoli, lettuce, watermelon, pumpkins, potatoes, sweet potatoes and cucumbers! So much gardening!! 

10. Preserve More food: We have been harvesting lots of strawberries, but not enough to actually make jam. We might have to go pick some locally! 
11. Organize the least organized area of the house, the garage: The shelves are still organized! And we will be having a yard sale to get rid of the rest of the used things! 

12. Treat my crafting more like a business: I had 10 online sales and have sold a garden apron, a few hooded towels and have sewn patches onto shirts. 

13. Work on budgeting and paying down the house: We are plugging along making double payments and hoping to get this place paid off in less than 10 years, and it’s going pretty well! Plus we have been getting rid of single use items, like plastic wrap! We replaced it with beeswax wraps! 

So, how are your goals going?!?!

I’m still proud of how much we are accomplishing around here! Looking forward to summer fun! 

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