First week of summer vacation

It’s finally here!! The time of the year when I don’t have to go to work! (True, I don’t get paid, but that’s why I save!) Also, I also turn gardening into my full time job! 

I have been harvesting so many strawberries! Which means that we have been eating lots of them! 


I also have been making some freezer jam out of my own strawberries! Usually I have to go to a place to pick them, but I always wonder how many chemicals are on then. 🤔

Freezer jam

I was also able to get some thrifting done! I’m so glad that I was able to pick up a few staple items! 


I was able to check on my bees and one hive is so much further along. So, I might need to requeen the slowly growing hive. 

Hive inspection!

And the garden is taking off!! I’ll post more pics this week! 

Bush beans

Are you growing anything? How is it growing? Enjoy the rest of the week!! 

6 thoughts on “First week of summer vacation

  1. Great post, how refreshing to have the days to yourself! We have bees too! They died last winter because we didn’t put newspaper in the hive to keep the condensation down. We learned the hard way. Good luck with them! Have you gotten honey yet?


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