Wednesday walk through the garden (6/8) 

So technically I’m a day late! But, I’m so excited that I actually have some things coming up and growing! 

We are trying our hand at a three sisters garden. The corn is growing in circles, to help with pollination and the pumpkin plants are starting to spread. In a little bit, I will put the pole beans around the corn. 

3 sisters garden!

The big garden is taking off too with potatoes that will be ready to be harvested, luffas, tomatoes, zucchini, cantaloupe, watermelon, bush beans and a few sunflowers. 

green beans!

The raised beds also have some onions, peas, beans, cucumbers, broccoli and strawberries. And I have been able to harvest so many strawberries! 

The raised bed garden

one days harvest!

Grow plants grow!! Hoping for a great harvest this summer!

3 Comments on “Wednesday walk through the garden (6/8) 

  1. My three sisters project isn’t working to well but pleased to hear it’s going well for you 😊.


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