Return home walk through the garden

We just got back from a few days out of town. I love seeing new places, but I always can’t wait to get home!

Beautiful Tennessee  

The plants must have enjoyed the warm weather while we were gone. The three sisters garden is about ready for the pole beans to be planted.

Best three sisters example

The bush green beans are taking off and I can’t wait to make some green beans and potatoes soon!

Bush green beans 

The tomatoes grew a good bit over the quick vacation and they will be ready to be tied to those stakes soon!

Grow tomatoes, grow!!

The raspberries that I just planted in the fall are producing berries already! They are looking delicious already!

Soon-to-be red raspberries

And that basil I just started is making its way up through the soil! I’m so excited about trying to dry some out this year!

Basil seedlings

Last, but not least, the rose bush that I relocated into the pollinator garden bloomed! I was so excited to see this when I pulled into the driveway!

My beautiful rose! 

Hopefully we get some rain soon to help these plants grow some more!

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