Chicken coop updates!

The Grandparents garden is sooooo weedy, so we have been there for hours on end pulling weeds and still pulling out rocks from the garden! That’s when the idea hit us that we should use those rocks to landscape in the chicken area. Those girls want a sweet home too!

Before (top) After (bottom)

When we are not in a garden or outside doing other work, we have been hanging on the porch with the pups enjoying the beautiful weather. I love this season!

Sherman only likes the shade

A little update on the 3 sisters garden: the corn and pumpkins are growing so well, so I went ahead and planted the pole beans! Hopefully they don’t grow too fast and overtake the corn! And, there are some random tomato plants too!

3 sisters garden

And oh my goodness, check out his picture below!!! The inside of our fence just had a board to pull it shut. Well, the mister decided to put his blacksmith skills to work and make thus amazing handle!

Handmade handle!

He heated metal, twisted it and pounded it to make it! That’s some talent right there!!


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