Walk through the garden 6/22

Plants are finally taking off around here. I made some compost tea (basically a concoction of compost and water) to put on the plants to feed them.

The rows of green beans are taking off! And those are some volunteer pumpkin plants up at the top! I guess we need to train them to grow away from the beans!

Bush green beans

Last year we grew muskmelons and while we only got 3 melons, they were delicious! So, hoping to get some more this year!

Muskmelons are blooming

I swear that the tomato plants grow overnight! I’m going to have to tie them to the stakes very soon! And a few plants are blooming too!

Tomato plants

This year my new plant that I’m growing are luffas. They seem to be growing pretty quickly! Hoping to get at least a few luffas!

Luffa plants

The zucchini plants aren’t huge yet, but you can see the blooms starting to poke up! If my boy asks me for zucchini bread one more time… Ugh! Patience my child! Patience!

Zucchini plant (and my big foot!)

I also had a small harvest here today! I pulled a few garlic bulbs to see how they looked. I’m going to let the rest in the ground for a little while, but starting the curing process with these bulbs!

Hardneck Garlic

And I was a busy lady this morning! I made and canned strawberry jam with the remainder of the strawberries from our garden. So, then I had to make some homemade bread to go along with the delicious jam. Yum!!

So good!! Strawberry jam! 

Hope you all are able to get some yummy seasonal produce of your own! Now I need to work on getting some more items out of this house for my decluttering challenge!!

2 Comments on “Walk through the garden 6/22

    • It is so easy! Hot water bath canning is pretty simple and the directions are in the sure jell box! Super simple! Give it a try!


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