Busy weekend and crafting!

It was a gorgeous weekend here! Warm temperatures and small town festivities, along with ending it with a family celebration! Doesn’t get too much better than that!

Craft show!

One of our newest chicks laid her first egg! Notice the small size next to a regular sized egg!

New egg layer!

The beans are really starting to take off in the three sisters garden! I must admit that this garden seems to be doing so well! I didn’t expect it to take off the way that it has!

Look at those bean plants!

And I was also so excited that I found one of my first tomatoes starting to grow! It’s tiny, but I’m looking forward to summer tomatoes!

Baby tomato!

Last year we bought a lavender plant, but it didn’t flower. This year it flowered and my bees are loving it!


Last, but not least, I harvested my garlic today!!! It looks and smells amazing! We are letting it dry off some and then off to cure it for storage! Yum!

Garlic harvest

Hope that your weekend was as amazing as mine was. It’s really the small things in life that make it amazing!

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