The upside of urban gardening

This weekend was not the best, weather wise. However, lots of awesomeness is still happening around here! So, what are some perks with gardening and living in town? Great neighbors!

This weekend I was gifted 5 butternut squash plants from our neighbor! Amazing!

Butternut squash

And just today another neighbor dropped off a bag of leftovers from the summer lunchbox program! The hens loved their celery!

Leftover celery! 

The garden is taking off and I finally am starting to see some crops!

Baby pumpkin! 
The purple/red sunflower ready to bloom!

And last, but not least is my boy. He opens his “supply store” in the garage everyday that my husband is over there. (His dad pretends to buy all of his items) He really has a love for running a business, so I’m going to let him have at it! He’s going to sell extra produce and plants at his own farm stand this Saturday.

Tomato and strawberry plants

He is looking forward to this so much that I might have to bribe people to come!

I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend!

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