Day late walk through the garden

Thursday actually became the garden picture day this week! The gardens are looking great! Some crazy surprise that I found were a random pumpkin plant growing up in the weeds, a pumpkin plant was actually a cucumber plant and more of my chicks are laying eggs!

Tiny white egg! 

Both of the zucchini plants are just about ready to start producing! Before we know it, we are going to have so many! (Hopefully!)

Green zucchini
Yellow zucchini

We only have one female bloom that has developed into a pumpkin so far! But, I swear that it is growing by the minute! It’s looking great!

Baby pumpkin

And I shelled so many peas the other day and barely got anything! I really question how these can be so cheap at the supermarket! Hmmm…..

Beautiful peas!

Within the next week, we will be harvesting some more peas and green beans! The onions are on their way too! I hope that everything is growing well for you all too!!!!!

3 Comments on “Day late walk through the garden

  1. I’ve had a cucumber-pumpkin mix-up, too. At least, I think so, going on the flowers. In my case, this might mean more pumpkins…. trying not to get too excited!

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