Actual harvest walk through the garden

It’s finally happening! We are actually harvesting some veggies out of the garden!

4 pounds of green beans! 

And, even the tomatoes are well on their way!

The bush beans! 

In both gardens, the bush beans are growing nice and bushy and producing lots of beans!

And, although I didn’t plant any cucumbers, they came up on their own! Soon we will have some cucumbers!

Tiny cucumber

Even the flowers are blooming! I love these red/purple sunflowers that came up on their own this year!

Beautiful sunflower!

The black eyed susans are even starting to bloom in the pollinator area!

Black eyed susans

And the boy thought this was the best find in the garden yesterday!

Tiny toad! 

Hope that you’re harvesting loads of yummy foods from your garden too!

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