Upcoming fair week!

This week is our local fair, so we were pretty excited to enter some of our produce and crafts into the fair. The boy is even thinking about joining the local 4h next year. (He was amazed with all of their displays!)  He entered his homemade quartz necklace:



I entered flowers, my gardening apron, some of my strawberry jam, my potatoes and a recycled bag. I guess I’ll see if any win anything! Even if they don’t, we still got free passes to the fair! So, the boy is excited about that!

Some of the jam that I entered!
Black eyed susans! 

Here are a few yummies that I pulled out of the garden yesterday! A couple zucchinis, peas, green beans and there are even a few eggs in the pocket! Hopefully others love my gardening apron as much as I do!

Gardening apron

And the garden is looking so good! Everything is growing nicely! We have pumpkins, lots of green beans, many green tomatoes, tiny cucumbers, many zucchini and sunflowers that are getting close to 7 feet tall!!

So much growing here!! 

I loved seeing the honeybees chilling on the luffa blossoms! Hoping to get at least a few luffas this year!

Luffa bloom

Hoping to get a pretty night at the fair and see the other displays and of course the animals! Have a great week!!


3 Comments on “Upcoming fair week!

  1. The luffa flower looks like a pumpkin – I keep meaning to try them out myself. Anyway, I hope you get a good crop. And do well at the fair.

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    • The luffa bloom kinda looks like a mix between a pumpkin and cucumber bloom. They are beautiful! And thanks for the well wishes! They judged the indoor exhibits today, do I guess we will see if anything placed!


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